"I simply write the stories"

I wanted to take a moment and write Happy Valentine's Day to my client. Whether you are in a relationship or single... it is a day to show love to one another. Not by silly gifts but simply showing that you care. Love one another!

02/02/18 NEW IMAGES
Check out the new work in "creations" and "studio"!!! Come back as new images will be added later this week. Want your own session? Book now!!!

Back into the studio for two night!!! I am excited that I will have some new things to show during the next week or so. One session is Cosplay and the other is with a beautiful model (and great person!!!) and a product line I am heading in the photography, graphic and web design area. So much fun but so much work to do. Superbowl Sunday... finally a day off!! Enjoy and don't forget to book with me!!!

02/01/18 WHAT A BUSY TIME!!!!
It has been awhile since I blogged. January turned out to be a very busy month after all. Not really in the photography world but in the graphic and website design world. I designed multiple packaging and a huge display for Sriracha Salt/Chocolate and I am working on a website for the original salt company. Both have kept me incredibly busy. I just finished a photo session for an award ceremony and my calendar for February is getting booked up fast!! If you want a session, now is the time to book! It is good to be back and trust me... amazing things are coming!!!!

Well, we all said goodbye to 2017! It was a good year for me. I met a lot of new people, had wonderful clients whom I am so grateful for, met incredible photographers, met amazing and of course beautiful models, I pushed myself beyond limits to try new things, I develop new skills for editing, I understand light like never before and overall, I am a very different photographer coming into this new year.

I am a professional photographer and so happy to say that! More so, I am an artist and I am being recognized for the eye and imagination I have.

I have been published several times, I am recognized on the streets (at least my name has been), I have beautiful work to display in my studio (coming in 2018) and I have a lot of fun "new toys" to capture beautiful images with. I am a blessed man and I thank God for the gifts he has given me.

2018 is here and with that... I plan to release even better images than ever before!! You think I have 'wow'd' you in 2017?... you just wait till you see what 2018 brings!!!!

January is my month off so till February... I wish you to stay warm and cozy!!

01/03/18 PUBLISHED!!!!!!!!
Once again... I am simply honored! What a beautiful way to start of the new year!!! Thank you so much Behind The Shutter and of course to the amazing Sal Cincotta for not only giving me the opportunity to be published in such a cool magazine but to give all photographers the same respect and opportunity to see their work in ink.

01/01/18 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!
I wish everyone a very happy new year!! May 2018 be filled with love, happiness and health!!! I look forward to what 2018 brings!

So we are going into the Christmas weekend and I wanted to take a moment to wish all of my clients a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to come!!!!!! 2017 was an amazing year filled with challenges, successes and achieving many goals. I have not only become a much better photographer but I feel with all of the friends (clients) I have made along the way... I have become a very blessed man. Thank you so much for hiring me, trusting me and most of all... believing in me.

I feel amazing things for 2018!! I wish you and your family so much love, health and happiness in the new year to come. So I leave you with this... see you next year!!!!

What an incredible weekend celebrating the holidays with my fellow photographers and models. Food, drink and photographing!!!! Who could ask for more!!!!

12/01/17 AWARDED!!!!!!!!!
"One of the 5 best photographers in N.C."

12/01/17 NEW STUFF!!!!!
UPDATED: Creations! Families!

11/25/17 NEW STUFF!!!!!
UPDATED: FAMILIES, PORTRAITS, PETS. Check it out!!!! Call to book your session today!!!

Are you looking for a wonderful organization to make a donation to this holiday season? Look no further...

I had the honor and pleasure to photograph for Operation Warm. This is a nonprofit organization that gives FREE coats to children all across America. Yesterday, I photograph the team giving away 750 coats to children of all ages. No child went without a coat. These people work so hard, are so energetic and simply make the children so happy. The team does not just give the coats away... they make it a party. K-LOVE Radio was there playing music, they had lollypops, dancing and even two successful soccer players shared fun and games with all of the kids.

To say this team went above and beyond to bring smiles to each and every kid is an understatement. Each child was paired up with a volunteer to get personal attention. Can you image the happiness each child felt?

To donate is simple... go to their website and click "donate". And I am not a man who talks without action. I made a donation yesterday before I left.

11/17/17 PUBLISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so incredibly happy, humbled and proud to announce that one of my images is a full page feature in this months Shutter Magazine. To say that I am honored and grateful is an understatement.

Thank you so much to Tyler Boswell (model) who worked so hard with me to get this shot. Thank you to Studio 51 for allowing us to use the space and lights. Last but not least thank you so much to Sal Cincotta and Behind The Shutter Magazine for believing that my photography and creation was worthy enough for this months issue. Again, I am beyond grateful and so thankful for all that helped me achieve this goal.

Visit to register a free account and become a part of Shutter Magazine!!!

11/17/17 UPDATES
Galleries Creations and Portraits have been updated with some new vogue style photos!! Take a look!! Want to book your session? Give me a call!!!

Is your family fun, goofy and playful? Do you want to capture those special moments and have those memories for a lifetime? Book a family photo session today!!!

I had the pleasure of photographing a few amazing models this past weekend. Thank you all who was professional and gave me the amazing opportunity!

11/03/17 UPDATED!!!
New stuff in the 'creation' and 'portraits' portfolios... check it out!!!

Thank you so much to all of my clients as well as my fellow photographers. Your kindness and support for my work is so appreciated. I received the kindness message this week that read... "Your work is a statement for all photographer." Thank you!

Check out the new images in 'LOVE', 'FAMILIES' AND 'PORTRAITS'

Time for some scares!!! Check out the new seasonal gallery!!!!

Do you need a beautiful picture to hang on your wall that will inspire a room? Take a look at the new photos from a mountain top under portfolio/purchase. Want to purchase one? Give me a call for a quote on the digital file or a print!

10/20/17 CEMETERY SHOOT!!!!
Tomorrow I have a cool session in a cemetery!!! Can't wait to shoot, edit and share!!

10/19/17 JUST ADDED!!!
PETS! PETS! PETS! A new furry gallery!!!

Brand new images added to my families portfolio!!! Check it out!!!

Exciting weekend!!!! I volunteered (photographing) for Big Brothers Big Sisters documenting their big fund raiser in Charlotte (photos to come later this week). The event was called "Over the Edge" and lived up to it's name. Besides volunteering... I literally went ‘over the edge’… rappelling down 18 stories off the side of the Hyatt House building!!! It was so much fun and I would do it again in a heartbeat!!!!!!!

View the video here:

New portfolio finally released!!!! Weddings! Weddings! Weddings! A huge thank you to all that trusted me to capture beautiful moments on your very special day!! See all of the weddings under my new category... portfolio/weddings

Portraits is a critical area in photography. Before one can venture our into other areas... one must master portraits. Reading the light, cropping correctly, angles that are complimenting and overall correct exposure. It is a mixing bowl that if you add the right ingredients... you can capture such beautiful moments that will last a lifetime!

Saturday morning I went into Asheville to photograph a 7 hour wedding that was held at a castle!!! It was beautiful!! The bride and groom was a very handsome/beautiful couple. The day was perfect!

New Wedding Portfolio will be added to the gallery soon!! Keep coming back for updates!!

09/20/17 CREATIONS!
New photo in creations!!! This one was especially fun because I was able to incorporate my family animal... the Lion!!!

09/18/17 EVENTS!
I was honored to be the lead photographer during the 2017 Charlotte CIO of the Year Orbie Awards ceremony. See the newest photos in events!

09/17/17 PORTAITS!
Just uploaded a session with a great young man!! First session for him and he did great!! See the photos in 'portfolio/portraits'

Back in the studio to create my stories. New stuff in creations folder. Check it out then book!!!

Cooler weather? Even cooler photo sessions. Book your fall session with me in advance before I am all booked up!!!! Mention Fall2017 and get 10% off your entire session! This includes ordered prints!!

Fall is officially upon us and as I am sure most of you know... it is the best time of year for a photo session! Book with me now for a fall session and receive 10% off your entire session including any prints ordered. Just mention Fall2017 and the discount will be applied. Book now to block your desired date!!!

I love photographing babies!! Especially when they cooperate!! I had the pleasure of photography a baby girl newborn and she was a delight!! So easy to work with, calm and loved the camera. You can see the new images on my Facebook page or visit my portfolio/babies section. Enjoy!!!

08/18/17 BUSY! BUSY! BUSY!
What a busy morning photographing the 2017 CHARLOTTE CIO OF THE YEAR ORBIE AWARDS!!! What an amazing turn out with over 575 people in attendance. Congratulations to the winners and of course the CIO of the year!!

Check out my new studio shots in Portfolio/studio and one new creation in Portfolio/creations! Great models with new ideas and poses. Enjoy!!!!

08/08/17 NEW STUDIO SHOTS!!!
Check out my new studio shots in Portfolio/studio! Great models with new ideas and poses. Enjoy!

Check out my new creation in Portfolio/creations! Enjoy and happy Friday to everyone

08/01/17 Back in Action!
I took July off for a much needed vacation and to photograph beautiful landscapes... but now I am back!!! Mention ‘August 2017’ to recieve a 10% discount on your next session! Call now to book your session!!!

Promotion ends August 30th 2017.

07/25/17 Updates!
Events and portraits were just updated!!!! I had the pleasure of photographing again for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Charlotte for their 2017 Big Day At The Lake. These volunteers and their littles are so incredibly kind and generous. Thank you to all the venders who donated their time, food and fun. It made for a successful day!!

07/23/17 BIG NEWS!!!
I was notified this morning that I have been accepted as an Adobe Stock Contributor. This is great news as I am being recognized as a serious photographer who can contribute. Thank you Adobe Stock for the kind invitation.

Also, one of my photos was also selected by the judges at viewbug as one of their favorites. It simply feels great to be recognized as I have worked so damn hard to be the photographer I am today. It has been a difficult road filled with struggle, frustration, commitment and extremely hard work. In fact, I don't think I have ever worked as hard as I have being a photographer. I am so grateful that it is not only paying off but again, I am being recognized as a professional.

07/21/17 NEW STUFF!!!!
Well, it has been sometime since I have blogged. During this time I photographed a few events outside of NC which included a Baptism and a family cruise to the Bahamas!!!! I enjoy my vacation and took some beautiful photos of the islands, sunset and sunrise. My gallery "PURCHASE" just hit a milestone... over 100 photos are now available for purchase!!!!! I will also update other areas of my portfolio with new photos early next week. I hope everyone is well and it is good to be back!! Getting booked up so if you have a session in mind, give me a call!

06/09/17 NEW STUFF!!!!
What a very busy week and weekend!!!! I took a trip out to Myrtle Beach and combined a family session in Wilmington, NC with both business and pleasure! Was nice to be at the beach again and photograph some beautiful stuff. Then, I was honored to photograph a beautiful elopement with a very special couple. The bride was beautiful and the groom was a handsome man. Amazing couple and I wish them love, health and happiness. See the new photos in families, headshots, studios, love, black and white, creations and purchase galleries.

New beautiful shot now in portrait photography

See all the new photography creations... "I simply create the stories"

06/07/17 NEW GALLERY ADDED!!!!
I am happy to launch a new gallery simply called "Black and White". It is just that... beautiful black and white photography. Enjoy!

Very busy weekend with 3 photoshoots. New stuff coming soon!!!

05/31/17 NEWS TO SHARE
Thank you everyone at ViewBug, those who submitted and of course the judges. My photo is in the top 10% most voted and placed ahead of 172,669 submissions! Fingers crossed on winning!

05/26/17 NEWS TO SHARE
Thank you so much to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Charlotte for not only trusting me to capture beautiful sponsor moments but also using my photos on your new website (and giving me credit)
You can see my work here:

05/22/17 NEWS TO SHARE
Exciting news to share!!! Via ViewBug: I beat out 26,303 submissions to this contest!! I am in the 10% most voted. Fingers crossed on winning!!

05/22/17 SPECIAL!!!!!
Like my Pinterest page and receive 10% off your next session or print order! Like me now:

05/12/17 Studio! Studio! Studio!
Studio has some new stuff. Loving that I am a proficient ambient light photographer and now mastering the lights in a studio. Want a session? Contact me now!! Booking fast!!

05/08/17 Updates
Studio and Creations was updated. Check out all the new stuff!!!

05/05/17 Studio! Studio! Studio!
Photographing a few models in the studio tonight. Do you want a studio session? I supply lots of props and outfits or simply bring your own!! Call to schedule your studio session today!!

04/27/17 3 Year Anniversary!!!!!
3 years ago today I started professional and private photography lessons. It was the first time I picked up a pro camera. As with anyone learning something new, I struggled in the beginning. Not understanding why my images didn't look the way I saw it through the lens. Then one day, something clicked and everything fell into place.

I have achieved so much in the past 3 years including photographing celebrities, huge events and finally being published. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg and there is no stopping me!!!

To celebrate I am giving 20% off any session. This is for new and repeat clients! Just mention 3 year anniversary and book by May 15th, 2017.

Thank you to everyone who supported me. It is truly appreciated.

04/18/17 The season for Weddings!!!
This past weekend I was photographing a beautiful wedding located in the mountains in Candler, NC. It was a beautiful day and I was able to capture some special moments. If you would like to see my wedding photography as I add them to my gallery, please LIKE my Facebook page ( )

04/18/17 Just updated!!!
Studio! Studio! Studio! Just update some unique studio photos that is definitely a little outside my usual elements. Got to work with a beautiful and TALL model. She was amazing to work with.

04/18/17 "Doing what I love... love what I am doing" - Rich Taylor
Long weekend shooting. Long week editing. New stuff coming from a family session, 1st birthday and a good ole country wedding!!

04/14/17 Just updated!!!
Updated in the gallery... studio, creations and purchase landscape images. Check it out!!!
"Doing what I love... love what I am doing" - Rich Taylor

04/07/17 It's Friday!!!!
So what are you doing for the weekend? I am planning another trip to the mountains to get some beautiful shots to submit to a couple of magazines. It is going to be a beautiful weekend!! Get out and love life.

"Doing what I love... love what I am doing" - Rich Taylor

I am so honored to have photographed for Big Brother Big Sister last night. The staff was professional and the kids were amazing. Thank you Big Brother Big Sister for hiring me as your event photographer.

04/03/17 PUBLISHED!!!!
I am so proud to share the amazing news that I just received. After a lot of hard work my creativity is finally being published in a serious magazine!!!! Thank you Shutter Magazine for recognizing me as a serious photographer.

03/27/17 Updates!!!
New photos added to creations and purchase galleries!! Had a great to trip to Dupont State Forest this past weekend and was able to take some great landscape photos!!

03/24/17 Events Updated!!!
Check out all the new photos from the 2017 Charlotte St. Patrick's Day Parade within the events category!!!!

03/20/17 2017 Charlotte St. Patrick's Day Parade
Rich Taylor Photography photos from the 2017 Charlotte St. Patrick's Day Parade have been posted to Facebook!! To view them please click here... 2017 Charlotte St. Patrick's Day Parade

03/20/17 Post Production
I will be in the office all day getting the St. Patrick's Day Parade photos ready for print. If you would like to book a session... give me a call!!!

03/18/17 St. Patrick's Day Parade
I am so happy to be the official photographer for the St. Patrick's Day Parade. This event is so much fun to photograph. So much thanks to the company that runs the show and appreciated my work.

03/17/17 New stuff!!
Portraits and creations just updated!! Take a look to see the new work!!!

03/15/17 Creative Photography
A new photography creation / composite was just added. Check it out!!!

03/10/17 Creative Photography
Would you like something different? Something new? Something fresh? Give me a call and let's discuss a creative photography session!! Contact me now and mention 'creative' for a 10% discount on your session. For samples, please visit:

03/08/17 Senior Portraits
Graduation is coming... do you want the same old graduation headshots? If not, give me a call!!!

03/06/17 #1 Creative Photographer
Rich Taylor Photography has been awarded the 2015 and 2016 #1 creative photographer in Charlotte!!!

03/03/17 Gold Winner!!!!
I had the pleasure of photographing Danielle Williams!!! She is the 2015 World Championships Gold Medal Winner!!! Such a kind woman!! I was able to achieve amazing Running / Sprint Hurdle photographs thanks to Danielle and her sister Shermane Williams.

03/02/17 Old Navy / Gap session!!
Last night was so much fun!!! I had the pleasure of photographing an event for the Old Navy / Gap south end upper management team at the president's mansion!! The fun and festivals lasted into the night. I love photographing these types of events!!

02/24/17 Spring is in the air!!!
Although we are just finishing February... it feels like spring!!! We have had 70 degree weather which has made for some beautiful photography. I am setting up a new style of photography with a model I have worked with and this time.. it's all about the strobes!! Being a master of ambient light photography and only feeling comfortable with strobes... it is time to put myself directly in the light! Literally!! I look forward to showing a new style which will expand my creativity to a new level!!

02/20/17 Trip to Asheville
Landscape photography is becoming a passion of mine. Living next to mountains... how can a photographer resist the call? It is going to be a beautiful day capturing beautiful scenery!!! Please check out and 'like' my facebook page to see new lanscape images!

02/19/17 Name Change!!! is now!!! Please update your records!

02/17/17 Quote for the weekend:
“Life is like a camera. Focus on what’s important, capture the good times, develop from the negatives, and if things don’t work out, take another shot.”

02/14/17 HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!!!!!
I am so happy to be a local Charlotte and Asheville photographer!! However, if you don’t live in the area, please do not hesitate to contact me as I do travel. I love all genre’s of photography including engagements, portraits, families, children, newborn, creative and more!! To celebrate this special day I am offering 10% off any session!! Just mention “LOVE”.

This past weekend was exciting as I was in Asheville doing some street photography. I took my rescued puppy along as we walked around seeing many of the cool sites and capturing some incredible moments. The people are amazing!!!! I just posted these photos on my social media page so please click the FB link above and ‘like’ my page!!!

Have a great Valentines Day and thank you so much for your continued support!!!!!!


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"All I can say about Rich Taylor Photography is UNBELIEVABLE, AWESOME, FANTASTIC, STUPENDOUS, AMAZING. Rich took pics of my family, and German Shepard & Dachshund. They were beyond beautiful!!!! Rich suggested Freedom Park to shoot the pictures and it was the perfect setting. He is a true PROFESSIONAL. He is very patient and really loves his work. I will never use anyone else but Rich. When it comes to pricing and quality you will not find anyone better. I GUARANTEE IT!! Rich thanks for all the great photos!!!!"
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-Carlita D.
"Rich Taylor is a talented photographer dedicated to his craft. I hired him to take photographs of me that I could use for my mindfulness website. I explained to him that I wanted a soft look with trees behind me with sun filtering through the leaves. He shot for over two hours in a park in Charlotte. Shortly after the shoot, he emailed me a large selection of photographs that were beyond my expectations. I am not comfortable in front of a camera but his patience and relaxed manner helped me to feel at ease. I would highly recommend Rich Taylor for any project you are considering."
-Mimi S.
"We travelled from Alabama to NC to visit family and we are so happy we hired him!!!! He is very attentive and easy to work with. Our group was 8 people and a chihuahua.... he took wonderful natural shots and group shots!!!! We are going to use him again and again!!!! Thanks, Rich!!!!!"
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